If you have been charged with Domestic Violence in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan, it is important that you contact an experienced and aggressive domestic violence attorney as quickly as possible. In nearly every domestic violence matter, the prosecution seeks to have an Order of Protection issued on behalf of the complaining witness, whether or not the complainant wants said Order. If you reside in the same household, this Order could result in your having to find another place to live and could affect your visitation rights with any children you may have in common. Any contact with the complainant during the pendency of a full Order of Protection can result in new criminal charges including felony charges. This is true even if the complainant initiates contact with you. No one can give you permission to violate an Order of Protection and no one other than a judge can change said Order.

Every District Attorney’s Office and every Judge take domestic violence matters very seriously. In fact, in most jurisdictions these cases are separated from all of the other defendants and put into a specialized part that only handles domestic violence cases It may be a requirement of that part that a defendant partake in certain classes, such as a Anger Management or Drug and Alcohol treatment before any offer can be accepted.

Since each case is as different as each relationship, we urge you to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney to discuss your specific situation. At Mazzei & Polk we have extensive experience handling domestic violence matters and welcome the opportunity to discuss your case. Call us today for a consultation: (516) 280-9035.

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