Penal Law Section 265

New York State has become one of the most rigid places to be in illegal possession of a gun/firearm. Even if you have never been arrested before and have no prior criminal history, if you are found to be in unlawful possession of a loaded firearm anywhere outside your home or place of business you face a class C violent felony offense and face a minimum of 3 1/2 years in prison to a maximum sentence of 15 years. Even if you have a license in another jurisdiction, you still face very stiff penalties for possession.

And, while guns/firearms are the most serious weapon to possess in New York, they are not the only weapon.

Weapons Considered Illegal to Possess in New York

  • Electronic dart guns and electronic stun guns
  • Gravity knives, switchblade knives, pilum ballistic knives and metal knuckle knives
  • Cane swords
  • Billies
  • Blackjacks
  • Bludgeons
  • Plastic knuckles and metal knuckles
  • Chuka sticks
  • Sand bags
  • Sandclubs
  • Wrist-brace type slingshots
  • Bullets containing an explosive substance designed to detonate upon impact

Weapons Considered Illegal to Possess in New York with the intent to use them unlawfully against another person:

  • Daggers
  • Dangerous knives
  • Dirks
  • Razors
  • Stilettos
  • Imitation pistols
  • Armor piercing ammunition
  • Any other dangerous or deadly instrument or weapon

Increased Penalties if a Prior Criminal Conviction Exists:

If a defendant has already been convicted of any crime (even a DWI) and they are found in possession of a misdemeanor level weapon, that charge is then elevated to a Class D felony.

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